Ålandfs witch persecution

It all started in 1666 when an old lady by the name of Karin was dragged into court accused of witchcraft. By torturing her she was forced to admit she had been to the Brocken (a place of fiction). Therefore she was found guilty, beheaded and burned at the stake. Her fate was soon shared by several more good housewives and the likes, felled and judged by waging tongues saw their opportunity for revenge. This Åland originated spiritual disease called witch persecution, soon spread all over Sweden .

Karin was accused of having taken youths and children to the Brocken . A young boy told how Karin took him out of his bed at night, dressed him in black and white clothes, which he had to put on backwards. Then Karin led him out through the chimney and took him and all the others to the Brocken . They had to ride on a black cow over which she had put a pole for them to sit on. As they flew away Karin called for the devil and asked him to take them in. During the journey they went to a church where, Karin scraped off the metal from the church bell which she later threw into a lake while she called: gI must never come closer to God's kingdom than the metal from this bell!h

After a while they reached the Brocken . The cow was parked outside the door with its back down and feet up and the children were shoved into the feast hall and what they saw there was amazing: everything shimmered like gold and all the people sat around the table and ate the finest food. Eventually they all started dancing and a small devil, chained under the table, conjured up the dance-music and thumped his bottom on the floor to create the rhythm. They also got to see the devil himself. He was very beautiful and wore the most amazing clothes.

There was also a special angel chamber in the Brocken . The angels tried as hard as they could to save the poor people who had been brought there against their will. The young boy said that after he had confessed all about the Brocken , the angels had taken him into the chamber. But the confession wasn't to the good: as soon as the people who had been brought to the Brocken told anyone about what they had experienced everything beautiful in the Brocken turned to awful things instead - the food, for example turned to snakes and disgusting frogs.



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